"Come to the edge," Life said. They said: "We are afraid."
"Come to the edge." Life said. They came.
It pushed them... and they flew. - Guillaume Apollinaire

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Just a girl who decided to go for it!

As a TV Personality, I initially learned to fly for a television assignment that would charm, craft and change the course of my life in unexpected ways. Through my passionate ongoing work as a professional pilot, aviation author, journalist, speaker and founder of my signature flight program, "The Diva Flight Experience", I share the joy of flight with others by affirming what I know for sure: Life is full of infinite possibilities! Never tell people your dreams. Show them. It's all connected- your gifts, your circumstances, your purpose, your imperfections, your journey, your destiny. Embrace them. The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

Do you believe in miracles? They exist and do not discriminate. Find out how a miracle of sorts and the power of love landed my co-author and me an Amazon #1 International best-selling multi award-winning true crime book, "Buccaneer- the Provocative Odyssey of Jack Reed- Adventurer, Drug Smuggler and Pilot Extraordinaire", by Jack Carlton Reed and MayCay Beeler. Available at Amazon.

Although I am a broadcast journalist and writer of thousands of news, feature stories, and articles; decades ago, I never imagined I would write a true crime book let alone be honored with eight literary awards that would take me to ceremonies in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami. I never dreamed I would travel to Colombia, South America to research my book. As a lawful fly girl, it is surprising I would somehow join forces with an outlaw pilot, convicted Medellin Cartel cocaine smuggler Jack Reed, to land an acclaimed tell-all. Reed refused to talk to cops and press until I contacted him in prison regarding a documentary I was producing. When I first heard Reed's infamous life story featuring misadventures that landed him in the longest most publicized drug trial in US history, my jaw dropped. At that time, I had no idea I would become a character in his life story's twist of fate ending. Reed has never given his story to any other journalist.

Did you know women can reach new heights in an arena traditionally known as a boys' club? I founded "The Diva Flight Experience" to empower gals with the thrill of personally piloting an aircraft. See www.divaflight.com.

My life story is about making the most of every moment; stepping up to the plate; making my life count and encouraging others to do the same.

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.

~ MayCay Beeler